RIP John F. Dunsworth (Jim Lahey)


Wow. What horrible news. RIP John F. Dunsworth aka Jim Lahey. For those of you who don’t know, Jim Lahey was the drunken trailer park supervisor on Trailer Park Boys. It is a cult classic TV series that I, and many of my friends, have fallen in love with. If you have never seen it, go watch it on Netflix. If youre not a fan, try and watch it again. It isn’t the most intelligently written show but it’s an easy watch and is packed with laughs.


Personally, Lahey was my favorite character on the show. The Shit-isms, the drunken escapades, the love affair with Randy, it was all great and never got old. I now look back at when I saw TPB live at the Michigan Theater and value it a little bit more This is the second celebrity death that has me legitimately shook. The first was Tom Petty just a couple weeks earlier. If TPB continues to film, it will never be the same.


RIP James Lahey. Your career will be celebrated by many and you will be missed by all. This weekend, I encourage everyone to get piss-drunk off of The Liquor in honor of the greatest trailer park supervisor these eyes have ever seen.