A B1G Disservice


As anyone who follows college basketball knows, Michigan and Michigan State are a couple of the top teams in the country. As of now (Jan. 9th) the Wolverines are ranked 2nd in the nation and the Spartans are ranked 6th. Obviously, nobody expected Michigan to be as good as they are after graduating/losing their three best players in MAAR, Duncan Robinson, and Mo Wagner. Michigan State is doing their typical Michigan State thing where they are really good in November, December, and January. While these early months don’t really mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, they can produce some pretty fun and exciting match-ups. With that said, here lies my issue.


Michigan is undefeated and Michigan State only has two losses. Both are firmly in the top ten in the nation. Both are playing great ball right now. Both are the top two favorites to win the B1G Ten. Both have players who are competing not just as a team, but as individuals i.e. Winston vs Simpson. Wouldn’t it make sense for the B1G Ten to schedule one of the games between U of M and MSU earlier than FEBRUARY 24TH?!?!?!?! But Dalton, how would the B1G Ten know that both of these teams would be in the top ten? That is a fair point, loyal reader, but still a stupid argument. Michigan vs Michigan State has been the B1G Ten’s best basketball rivalry for about five years. The B1G Ten could always garner national attention with a January match-up between these two. It just doesn’t make sense to make both games two of the final four games of the B1G Ten season. They also couldn’t be COMPLETELY blindsided that Michigan and Michigan State are both really good. Izzo always has MSU humming in the basketball months that dont matter and Michigan is coming off of an NCAA Championship appearance. Yea, they lost their top players but you would think they would at least be a top 25 team. By waiting for these games towards the end of the season, the B1G Ten takes money out of their own pockets. If MSU and Michigan played tomorrow, it would probably be the highest rated college basketball game of the season thus far. Say both teams get roughed up a little bit in conference play, something that is totally possible. Now, instead of undefeated #2 vs 14-2 #6, that match up might be #18 vs #15. It is just idiotic what the B1G Ten is doing.

Obviously, the B1G Ten being shitty at their job isn’t anything new. College athletic governing boards have made billions of mistakes in the past and will probably make millions of mistakes by the end of this week. But this error of back loading games hurts not only themselves and their respective universities, it hurts fans of basketball everywhere.

And Then There Were Four

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “Michigan – a team many thought were destined to miss the NCAA tournament halfway through the season – held on for their second victory this weekend, punching their ticket to the national semifinals for the first time in a half-decade-plus.” Continue reading “And Then There Were Four”

Football Rooting Guide


Considering all of the football teams in the State of Michigan do not control their own destiny, here is a nifty little rooting guide for each team in the order of importance. NOTE: I do not think Michigan or Michigan State can reach the CFB Playoffs so I only included Big Ten scenarios.



  • Illinois > Ohio State: Ohio State needs another loss for MSU to have a shot at the Big Ten Championship game
  • Nebraska > Penn State: Clear up the race a little bit
  • Wisconsin > Michigan: Would completely knock Michigan out of the running for a bid to the Big Ten Championship game



  • Maryland > Michigan State
  • Nebraska > Penn State
  • Illinois > Ohio State: This one is strictly for rivalry purposes. For Michigan to have a shot at the Big Ten Championship game, losses to MSU and PSU are the only important ones this week.



  • Rams > Vikings: If Lions can get within one game of the division this week, they will have a chance at a season sweep of the Vikings and sole possession of the NFC North on Thanksgiving
  • Ravens > Packers: Still a little far out to look at the Wild Card so a loss to the Packers to drop them even further in the division would be nice.
  • Seahawks > Falcons: I struggled with this one because both teams are ahead of the Lions in the WC race, but considering the Falcons hold the head to head tie breaker, the quicker they drop, the better
  • Saints > Redskins: Need the Saints to run away with the NFC South because, once again, they hold the head to head tie breaker and would oust the Lions for a WC spot.
  • Jets > Panthers: Panthers are ahead of the Lions in the WC and, tell me if you’ve heard this before, they hold the head to head tie breaker.
  • Eagles > Cowboys: The Boys are a spot behind us in the WC Standings.