Is “Closer” the Hottest Song I’ll Ever Experience?


I have given this question a lot of thought. The first thing I have to measure is the pure heat of the song. I’m not sure that any other song out there that rivals the type of heat that “Closer” brings. It gets everybody going. From the angelic voice of Halsey to the very, very mediocre voice of one of the Chainsmokers guy. The shitty voice can not be over looked because it makes the average man feel like he too can be a rock star, if only for 3 minutes. Remember folks, this was really the first big hit of the Chainsmokers. Yea, they had “Roses” but “Closer” took them to the top of the charts. Its catchy, its singable, and it doesn’t wear out. I still get internally hyped when it comes on at the bar.

I just touched on the heat of “Closer”. There is no doubt about its flames, but the EXPERIENCE associated with it may make it the hottest song in my life. It came out the summer going into my senior year. That means welcome week. I couldn’t walk by 5 dartys with out hearing it at 4 of them. Hell, at my house we had a policy that it had to be played every 3rd song. No one could escape the wild fire that was known as “Closer”. If “Closer” was a volcano, then Ann Arbor was Pompeii. Forever enshrined in the ashy aftermath and life was never the same.

Final Conclusion: “Closer” IS the hottest song I will ever experience.


P.S.- The only song that even thought about rivaling “Closer” was “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pit Bull. Holy shit, that song was hot.