In case you didn’t watch, the Lions lost on a last second field goal to the Cowboys. To be completely honest with you loyal readers, this loss didn’t hurt that much. I don’t know if it is because I’ve seen that script play out before, the fact that the game against the Jets sucked all optimism out of the season, or maybe it was a combination of both. It’s taxing being a Lions fan. I could sit here and bitch about how Kerryon Johnson needs more touches, how the defense needs to improve, how we should look to get Golden Tate the ball more, or anything else on the laundry list of problems that plagues the Honolulu Blue and Silver. But, it would basically be a copy and paste of the recaps of week one and week two.

Instead, I’m going to complain about the refs. Now, I’m not saying that the refs were the reason that the Lions lost this game. No sir. The Lions lost this game because of a porous defense and too little offense early on. Let me know if you’ve heard that one before. But that officiating in Dallas was horrible. Again, let me know if you’ve heard that one before. The Lions losing, I can handle. They do it all the time. Its what ever. But, the bullshit calls or lack there of that Dallas gets every *clap* single *clap* time *clap* just pisses me off. Hey NFL, the Cowboys haven’t been good since the 90’s, why do you constantly ensure they have a leg up on the competition at home? Roger, are you scared of Jerry Jones? Its so infuriating to have 3 straight defensive penalties before the Cowboys have their first OF THE GAME. The first Cowboys penalty came in the form of a block in the back that was in the open field and blatantly changed the outcome of the play. But, I guess a penalty happening in plain sight isn’t enough to warrant a flag because there was an obvious hold on the Cowboys’ left tackle on a third and long that was converted into a first and goal. The Boys scored two plays later. You cant sit here and tell me that the Cowboys are an unbelievably disciplined team to where they only commit two penalties the entire game. Its just not possible. Then there was the B.S. unnecessary roughness penalty on the play where Dak slipped and fell. If Dak Prescott continued to play after he slipped and threw a touchdown, there is not a doubt in my mind that they would have counted it. There was no whistle to signal that Prescott was down. There was no clear evidence that he was touched down. It is simply a call that only the Cowboys would get because, heaven forbid, the darlings of the NFL start the season 1-3. But, who gives a fuck if the Lions start 1-3? They’re Detroit, no one gives a shit about them. Whats another season of losing? Well, folks, the NFL is getting tougher and tougher to watch each week. And its not because of politics or talent or the length of a game. It is because the referees are simply lost out there. They have no idea what they are doing and there is no direction in the league office as to how to fix it.

I’m tired of the league playing favorites. So tired that I may be letting Dean Blandino off the hook and turning my attention on to who ever else is in charge. Its just frustrating to know that the Lions already have a tough enough time winning games on their own, let alone against the officials. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, no other fan base knows what Lions fans go through. The Browns are close, but they’ve been a better franchise in the Super Bowl era than the Lions. I hate this team.



What happened on Sunday night in Detroit, can only be described as an anomaly. I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed 60 minutes of football quite like I did when watching that game. Was I ever nervous? Oh, absolutely. Who wasn’t nervous after the Stafford interception/Tom Brady touchdown pass? But, for the first time in recent memory, the Lions answered the score. Not just a field goal, either. An actual, real-life touchdown. It was a night where Lions fans walked the thin borderline of exuberance and impending doom. I can’t explain what happened or why it happened, but I do know is that I could have turned the game off at halftime and I wouldn’t have missed much. In a good way. I went to sleep aggressively happy that night. Had the most delightful of dreams, of which I can only really credit the Detroit Lions.

I used to do the good, the bad, and the ugly for these segments but I’m going to try something different. Now introducing the MVP segment:

M: Most. Most rushing yards for a Lions running back since Thanksgiving Day in 2013. Kerryon Johnson has ended the 70 game nightmare of the Lions not having a 100-yard rusher. He finished the game with 101 yards. When he broke the century mark in the fourth quarter, I started screaming for the Lions to just pull him from the game. I was willing to jeopardize the game if it meant the Lions could snap the streak. But seriously, Johnson looks like he has all the tools to be a 1200-yard rusher.

V: Validated. Not only was this win the first win as a head coach for Matt Patricia, it validates that he belongs as one of the select 32 to head a professional football team. The game plan was flawless and a team that looked to be on skids looked as if they were playing against a college team. All this against former mentor Bill Belichick.

P: Promise. What we saw on television was a flare of hope. Hope that this team could be something special…one day. What Lions team are we going to get next week? Who knows. It could be the one we saw week one against the Jets or it could be the dominators of week three. I hope its the latter. Who is this team? Its probably somewhere in the middle, honestly. I know thats not a hot take, but I think its the truth. But dont get it twisted, what this team showed on Sunday night was a higher level of play that they could have under Caldwell.

On Boycotting The NFL

I try to be a good person.

I pay my taxes. I tip 20% at the very least. I vote. I don’t double park or litter. Occasionally, I even recycle.

I could be a better person. For many, the world is a broken place. Holding doors open for people and saying pleases and thank-yous might feel good in the moment, but kindness and courtesy alone don’t make me Gandhi.

While it may be right, it is demanding to ask people to sacrifice their comfort for the common good. People can also try to make an impact without disrupting their daily lives. Conscious consumption offers a way to back beliefs with the weight of our wallets. By spending or a few extra bucks, we can support more humane agricultural practices, better attitudes toward labor, or any number of other worthy causes.

We can also withhold money from organizations we do not support.

The NFL is run by detestable people. They underpay their athletes, reaping massive profits from a game designed to pulverize brains and bodies, then cast them aside. They turn a blind eye to domestic abusers and throw the book at potheads. This alone might keep some from following the sport, but despite myriad controversies, the NFL remains a ratings monster that dominates the national consciousness every Sunday.

When Colin Kaepernick’s protests during the National Anthem threatened to change that, the owners sprung into action. Despite Kaepernick’s obvious usefulness in a league desperate for good quarterback play, he will likely never play another NFL game. Eric Reid, a former Pro Bowler in the prime of his career, has yet to find a job after he followed in Kaep’s footsteps. Both quietly and peacefully voiced their discontent with a country that allows police to escape justice for terrorizing and murdering people of color. Because their protests took place during the NFL’s lip service to the military, people lost their shit.

Viewed most charitably, NFL owners are afraid of losing the portion of their profits that comes from fans who either missed Kaep’s message for his methods or who condone this pattern of violence. Viewed realistically, the owners are just as racist as the fans. Before the season, the NFL ruled that they would fine players who kneeled during the anthem, but would allow protesters to stay in the locker room. Rather than allowing their players to be a voice for change, they pushed the problem out of sight and out of mind in order to placate rabid conservatives. Kaepernick remains unemployed.

I don’t plan to watch an NFL game this year. I cheer for the Lions, so this isn’t a huge sacrifice. When I discussed this with a friend before the season began, he was perplexed. While he, too, sees Kaepernick as a hero, he brought to light several points I had not considered. By doing the same thing as the more publicized MAGA boycotters, was I unintentionally supporting their cause and pushing the NFL to further appease them? Would I be undercutting the platform an NFL career affords players to serve as role models and make differences in their communities? Would the players themselves endorse a fan boycott in solidarity with Kaepernick, or am I just assuming I know what’s best for them? Given the wide range of potential consequences (and the limited effect of removing a single viewer), was I just protesting for my own sense of moral superiority?

Furthermore, to what extent should I avoid the NFL? Is it enough to not watch games? I’m playing fantasy football this season because I recently moved to North Carolina, and it’s a way to stay in contact with old friends. I feel guilty about it; does this render my protest pointless? Should I avoid highlights, unfollow NFL-related Twitter accounts, and just avoid ESPN altogether?

I don’t know the answer to these questions. It feels right to avoid watching the NFL; I can construct answers to justify that decision. Conversely, those who still watch despite Kaep’s blackballing can latch onto any number of the aforementioned concerns to justify continuing to watch. I follow people far more socially conscious, more intimately connected than me to the injustice Colin Kaepernick fights; some boycott, some still watch. But what’s life if not a rudderless jaunt through a fog of moral vagueness?



Forgive for any mistakes in reporting, I have a few good reasons. 1) I was at the game in San Francisco so I did not have the benefit of other angles and replays. 2) My flight home had to abort during taking off because of engine failure. So, what I’m getting at is that Y’all should NOT criticize me for this article. In fact, everyone should be praising me. I am a victim…a survivor……….a hero. Not everyone survives a plane crash then goes on to blog about a completely unrelated subject. My picture should be hung next to George Washington in every school room. I should have my praises sung about by hundreds of thousands in the most angelic choir the United Nations could assemble. I should be considered a God. No, the God. But, I’m too humble to accept these praises. I’m just a typical grind it out from 9-5 with my brothers in the coal (the energy source that built this country) mines where I will retire at 62 and die of black lung at 68.

As for the game, at least the Lions looked better? Maybe? It is just so tough to watch that product on the field. They constantly blow assignments and miss tackles, along with not run blocking at all. I will give them this though, when it could have gotten ugly (like it did last Monday) the Lions buckled down, got some stops, and scored a few times. Hell, they had a chance to drive the field and at least tie at the end. They didn’t, but they at least had a chance. Which leads me to my next point, the offensive play calling in the first three-quarters of the game continues to be mind-blowing. This isn’t a new problem, either. Ever since JBC took over as the OC, the Lions have made it their calling card to have a slow start and a furious finish. That type of offense is not sustainable in the NFL. It worked one season to the tune of nine wins and a playoff appearance. I don’t understand why they can’t open up the offense early on to get a lead. Why do the Lions absolutely refuse to throw the ball downfield? Look at this chart that I found on twitter (from Albert Breer, I think):


I don’t know if JBC doesn’t trust Stafford to throw the ball more than ten yards or not, but I feel I can confidently say that Matt has the ability to average more than four yards a completion. The running game is completely doomed forever. I have absolutely no idea how to fix it. We’ve tried getting help on the line through draft and free agency. We’ve tried getting new running backs. None of it works. I would like to say its a scheme thing but these woes have lasted over multiple head coaches and coordinators. The Lions may never have a 100-yard rusher ever again.

I won’t really comment much on the defense because until they prove otherwise, they STINK. But, it would be unfair if I didn’t acknowledge a few positives. 1) They got some stops when they absolutely needed them. 2) They found some sort of pass rush. That’s about it. They still can’t stop mediocre running backs and losing Darius Slay to a concussion won’t make the defense better.

Now, the Lions absolutely deserved to lose this game based on the way they played. However, Max Kellerman, it wouldn’t be a Lions loss without some officiating controversy. We all know that a flag wiped away an interception that would have given the Lions the ball on the 3-yard line with a couple minutes on the clock. We all know that the flag was thrown away from the play. We all know that the “infraction” was a holding call that occurred within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. We all know that you can’t be called for defensive holding within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. We also all know that NFL really doesn’t care about if they get the call right or not. *Forrest Gump Voice* Thats all I have to say about that.

Now, we are on to next week where the Pats will probably stomp our teeth in on national television. Sweet. Same Old Lions is officially back in a BIG way.


Friday Football Preview


Michigan State Bye: Usually I hate when a bye week comes early in a teams season. But, after a Utah State scare during week one and an upset loss in the late desert to Arizona State, this bye couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for the Spartans. As a Michigan fan, it kills me to say this, but I still think MSU has a good team this year. I can’t explain the slow start this year, but Lewerke is a good quarterback and Dantonio is a good coach so this ship isn’t sunk. They have a lot of figuring out to do on the defensive side of the ball and I expect them to get it done before their tilt against Indiana.


SMU Mustangs @ Michigan Wolverines: This is a pretty straightforward preview. As long as the Wolverines don’t choke on their own spit, they should easily role the ‘Stangs. In every facet of the game, Michigan is considered better. Now, an upset is always possible so please don’t screenshot this article and paste it all over social media. PREDICTION: UM 42- SMU 7


Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers: The Lions STINK out loud. The defense is porous and the offense is non-existent, not a great combo. The 49ers are a solid squad despite a loss to the Vikings last week. Garrapolo didn’t have a great performance against Minnesota but the defense he plays this week will be a lot easier to toss against so the Jimmy G hype train will get right back on track. Lions can win this game is if they somehow hold San Francisco to 21 points or less. Sadly, that won’t happen. Despite me being in attendance, Lions still lose. PREDICTION: SF 28- DET 17



What a roller coaster of a game. By roller coaster, I mean:

Holy fuck what an awful game. Absolutely disgusting, embarrassing, and downright unacceptable. I was willing to give this team a chance after their shit preseason. Hoping, wishing, praying that it was just guys getting reps in different positions. Alas, it was not the case. After a rookie mistake by Sam Darnold, the Lions looked under coached, underprepared, uninspired, and every other word that describes our team as being absolute trash. I hope all the players and coaches remember that on the opening night, at home, in primetime, that by the middle of the fourth quarter the only sounds echoing through the tomb known as Ford Field were” J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets”. It’s the most embarrassing day to be a Lions fan since they lost to the Packers in week 17 of 2008 when they completed the 0-16 season. I cant put into words how disgusted and shocked I am in this game. But, why should I be shocked? Have the Lions ever been anything but a steaming pile of a team that gets horrible QBs paid (Matt Flynn) and the punchline of any NFL joke not involving the Browns? And maybe that’s the worst part. The Lions are a significantly worse franchise than Cleveland and we never get any of the credit. What’s funny? After the opening drive of the second half, it was tied 17-17. I want to say the wheels fell off, but that would imply we had wheels. Or a car. Or a chance.

Let’s start with the offense, I guess. It was absolutely atrocious.  This was the worst Matt Stafford has looked in his entire career. I’m usually a hardcore Stafford defender but there is no excusing that shit show. Four interceptions and I’m not even going to look up the yards or attempts/completions. Not worth my time because Stafford made that game look like it wasn’t worth his. I was hoping that this offense was going to be different than the one last year, and I guess I was right. It was much worse. The offensive line that we bolstered up the past couple of years couldn’t open any holes up and allowed constant pressure. The two new running backs we got this offseason combined for a total of 39 yards. Why the hell would we draft Kerryon Johnson if he doesn’t get any reps until the second quarter? Let me remind everyone that the offense had negative two yards in the first quarter. Jim Bob Cooter took this offense two steps backward. The receivers, outside of Golladay, couldn’t catch a single thing. Multiple opportunities for touchdowns or at least drive-extending catches and the Lions just decided they would be better off to let the ball hit the turf. NEWS FLASH, we aren’t better off not catching balls.

Now for the defense. Have you no pride? Besides getting ran over to the tune of 169 yards, you let a rookie quarterback complete 75% of passes. You guys weren’t even close to stopping them on third down. No pass rush, no run stop, bad tackling, and awful coverage will result in a blow out loss to a team that finished with five wins in the last two seasons. They couldn’t even force Darnold into third and long situations. Matt Patricia is supposed to be a defensive guy and the defense looked worse than the offense, in my opinion. At least the offense showed a little something (Golladay, two-minute drill, first drive of the second half). The defense had absolutely nothing outside of the worst thrown ball in history by Darnold. Ziggy is hurt again and I’m ready to let him walk. A hell of a talent when healthy but I’d rather take a mediocre guy for 16 games than an elite talent for three. Jared Davis looks slower than frozen molasses and he still doesn’t understand that when you shoot the hole and see the ball carrier in the backfield, you have to tackle him. Maybe next year he will get it.

Special teams even sucked eggs. Gave up multiple long punt returns, including a 78-yard touchdown, and missed a couple of field goals. Thing is? I’m not even that mad. These were kind of like “of course they would miss those/give up that return”. Not mad, just disappointed.

After tonight, looking at their schedule through poop-colored glasses, they have a legit chance to start off the season 0-12. But, we’ve been there before. I guess if you have to look for a silver lining, its probably that the Lions have shattered all of our hopes and dreams in the first week so that way the emotional stress of when we lose by 30 points at home in December, it isn’t as bad. I am ashamed of the product that was on the field on national television. It would be awesome if there was a single player or unit or coach that we could blame, but there isn’t. It was everyone involved. I’ll even take some of the blame for believing that this team could be something different. If there is any life lesson that I can learn from the Lions, its that I should never believe in anything and always set the bar so low that if I ever succeed, no one will ever care because they know embarrassing failure is just around the corner. Fuck this team.

P.S. Just learned via Dave Birkett that the loss tonight was the second worse loss for a Lions coach in their first game. SECOND LMAO!!!!!

9/9 MAILBAG​!!!!!!!!


Darin, Mt. Pleasant, Mi: “Are you discouraged by a less-than-awesome preseason?”

Well, it certainly was “less-than-awesome”. With a new head coach, it is tough to pass judgment about what we’ve seen in the preseason. You just don’t know if the team doesn’t look great because they are bad or are they just working in players into situations that are uncomfortable to them because of new schemes. This first game against the Jets will be a sign to if it will be a long season or not. If they come out prepared and ready, then this preseason was just a fluke. If not, I don’t want to talk about it.

Zack, Mt. Pleasant, Mi: “Thoughts on the Zettel release?”

It came as a shock to many of the Detroit Lions faithful. My best guess is that he just simply wasn’t a scheme fit. After a great start to the 2017 campaign, he trailed off only having half of a sack for the last seven games of the seasons. I certainly wish him the best of luck with Cleveland.

Dave, Standish, Mi: “Thoughts on the defensive line and a lack of a pass rush”

What a perfect question to follow the Zettel one. Last season the pass rush, or lack thereof, was the biggest issue on the defense. Getting Ziggy Ansah back is going to help a lot and hopefully, the acquisition of Romeo Okawa and Eli Harold will help. To say I’m skeptical would be an optimistic viewpoint to say the least. The Lions will have to get to the quarterback without linebacker help if they want to contain teams to some decent scoring averages.

Will, Oakland, Ca: “Will Kerryon Johnson be a top 10 running back this year? If not how good will he be?”

If Kerryon Johnson is a top ten running back this season, then the Lions rushing attack will make Emmit Smith look like a lost child just wandering lost without a care in the world. In other words, no. Not this season, anyway. How good can he be? I have absolutely no idea. We didn’t get to see much of him in the preseason so his role is still in question for this season but going forward, there is no reason to not think he will be the lead back. I would stay away from him for fantasy purposes.

Blake, Standish, Mi: “Do you see the Lions making the playoffs? If so will they make it over the hump and get their first playoff win since 91?”

Yes, because I’m an optimist. No, because they’re the Lions.

Eli, Baltimore, Md: “What’s the optimal way to watch non-national Lions games from outside of their normal coverage area? Preferably Legal”

Sunday Ticket, and if you don’t want to pay for it, there’s always “totally legal” Reddit streams.

Trent, Auburn Hills, Mi: “How many different pencils will coach put in his ear?”

If we are talking about the game on Monday night, I’ll set the over/under at 1.5 and hammer the under. For the whole season? I’d say a California Redwood’s worth.

Andrew, Grand Rapids, Mi: “As of now what position do you think the Lions need to address in the first round next year? What free agents currently do you think could make an instant impact on our team, if any?”

Going with my gut, I would have to say the Lions will need to address the pass rush via the draft. Obviously, who they draft all depends on who’s available when they draft because the Lions are still a far way away from being able to afford a draft reach. As for free agents, I have faith enough in Bob Quinn that if there was a free agent that could make an instant impact that they would be signed. So, essentially, there isn’t a free agent that would make an instant impact.

Ashton, Fort Myers Beach, Fl: “Do you see the Lions winning more games than the Wolverines?”

Out of all the questions people submitted, this one was probably my favorite. I obviously love both the Wolverines and the Lions. It’s like asking me to pick which child I think will be more successful in life. I simply can’t do it. But, for the sake of the article, I’ll say the Wolverines finish with more wins. Michigan will finish with 10 wins, including a bowl win. The Lions will finish with 9 wins.

Austin, Ann Arbor, Mi: “What is the optimal length of Matt Patricia’s for the Lions to be successful?”

I’m going to assume that the word “beard” is supposed to be in there. If that is the question, it will have to be between Lumberjack and Tom Hanks from Castaway length.

Evan, Ann Arbor, Mi: “Is Matt Stafford a top 31 quarterback in the NFL?”

Not even close. Give me Tebow or give me death.

Danny, Parts Unknown, USA: “Is Ameer Abdullah on the roster by the end of the season? Does Golden Tate resign? Best place to buy jeans?”

Abdullah will be on the roster by the end of the year. It is tough to trade players for equal return in the NFL and given how early in the season the trade deadline is, I would assume the Lions will just keep Ameer on the roster for the sake of special teams/insurance policy. As for Tate, I actually think the Lions get a deal done with him. Not sure why but I think both sides understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. Best place for jeans is either Kohls (when you have a 30% off) or any type of discount retailer. They’re just jeans. No need to get fancy.

Matt, Austin, Tx: “Are we eternally cursed? If not, what would break the curse?”

So, for spring break my senior year we went to New Orleans. On one of the first days we were there, we went into a magic shop. Me, quite inebriated, asked what the only ways to prevent black magic were. Black magic is one of the things I fear most in life. The lovely shop keep gave me the worst possible answer, “You can’t really fend off black magic”. At that point in time, I knew I had to piss really bad and that the Lions will never win a Super Bowl.


Michigan or God?


Lord Almighty, its here at last! After a painstakingly long offseason of twists and turns, the fruits of our fandom labor are about to be harvested. Whether those passion pomegranates are sweet or sour will be known by 7:30 pm EST. On the road, versus a higher ranked opponent, week one is not a must-win football game by any means. What tonight is, to borrow a term from my Catholic brethren,  is a chance at perception salvation. Last football season, the Maize and Blue had the dullest, most unimaginative, and frustrating offense ever put onto a football field. It didn’t help that the Wolverines were forced to game plan with John O’Korn under center, but the coaching staff didn’t do themselves any favors, either. So, in a very un-Catholic move, Jim Harbaugh saw a glaring problem and replaced those in charge. A whole new offensive staff has moved into Schembechler Hall and, come tonight, will be under the spotlight of anxious fans. Nobody is worried about the defense. Don Brown has proven every year that he can coach his unit to be one of the best in the country. This season they return 10 starters, the most Brown has had return during his tenure at Michigan. Obviously, replacing Mo Hurst is going to be the biggest personnel challenge this season and should not be overlooked. Hell, Hurst was possibly the best interior defensive lineman to ever wear the winged helmet. But, I think its safe to say that if this year’s defense isn’t ranked in the top five nationally, something went horribly wrong.

Tonight’s game is more than just a game. I would love a Michigan victory, make no qualms about it. But, if they lose tonight it will be the way in which they lose that will determine how we should feel about this season. So no matter the result, Michigan football needs to move on to step “I” of the D.E.N.N.I.S. System. Inspire hope. If the Wolverines come out and Shae Patterson is 70% of what the beat writers have said he is, the offense looks balanced and competent, and the defense is as stingy as a rusted out hinge and still somehow lose, I’ll be alright. I won’t be happy that they lost, but my hope for this season will not be left on the field in South Bend. Harbaugh and Company just need to show me that something has changed since the end of last season. Show me progress, show me some creativity, show me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, show me there is a reason to believe!

Now, we come to the headline question of the article. When the Michigan Wolverines take the field against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in South Bend tonight, who’s side will I ultimately be on? Michigan, the school I grew up loving, went to, paid tuition to, and graduated from? Or, Notre Dame, the school with the foremost connection to eternal salvation? It’s not an easy decision, that’s for sure. I’m not sure I can give a definitive answer because my soul rests in the balance. I will say though, that come January, I’d rather be staying up late on a Monday night than waking up early on a Sunday morning.



Here’s Who We Are Fighting


As the sweltering heat comes back into late August and I continue to sweat 45 minutes after my shower, it can only mean one thing. Football season here and when football season is here, Grudge Season is here. As we can recall from last year, my shit list contained Dean Blandino, Rodger Goodell, and Wall Street Fat Cats. While there is one familiar face on this year’s list, the two newest additions just have me so pissed off. That’s not to say that Goodell and WSFCs are in my good graces, they just aren’t getting my goat like they used to. Without further ado, here is this year’s OFFICIAL Shit List.

  1. Dean Blandino: Always has and always will be public enemy #1. As long as the Lions are getting screwed by the officials, I dont see anyone that could take Dean off of the number one spot.
  2. mgoblog: Let me start by saying that I think they put out great content/gifs. The only thing I’ve ever had an issue with is that I think some of their personalities have thin skin online and become triggered then try to weaponize their followers into shaming people. I’m not here to say wheter that is a good or bad thing to do, because some people need to be shamed, but some of the mgoblog writers weaponize at the drop of a hat. The reason why the Couch Boys (thats us)  are fighting with them is because, OUT OF NO WHERE, they blocked me on twitter from the mgoblog account. I looked up my twitter history and I have had ZERO interaction with them or any of their writers. Some one must have tipped them off that I think some of their writers are sawft *cough cough @mofab123 cough cough* I really do enjoy what they put out, but this act of anti-aggression will not stand, man. So, someone tell the cowards over at mgoblog that if they want my patronage back they just have to unblock me. Then, and only then,  we can be cool again.
  3. @WarrenBuffet99: This twitter account has came out of no where and I see tons of people I follow like or retweet its tweets. To be clear, this is not the actual Warren Buffet. This is a fake account that tweets out bullshit normie stuff like “The smartest people i know do this (lists ten dumb things)”. Idk how long WB99 can stay on this shit list because I assume I’ll just forget about it, but as of now its on the list. I aggregate some of the best content on the web to my account (@dpotocki) and I cant seem to gain more than 400 followers but this fake Buffet account tweets out horoscope level nothingness and has over 160k.


UPDATE: THE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! Tell MGoBlog that if they dont want the same fate as @WarrenBuffet99 they should unblock me.

Ok, I’m a Little Worried


After watching the Detroit Lions on Friday night, I’m officially changing my status to “slightly worried”. Going it, I was just chalking up the lackluster second preseason game to being exactly that, the second preseason game. But, after seeing the first half of the Lions vs Bucs, I’m starting to doubt the defense of this team.

While the defense finally got their first sack of the preseason, the pressure was never there consistently or when they needed it. Jarrad Davis missed plenty of tackles in the backfield and the rest of the linebackers had a tough time covering tight ends like they did the year before.

The offense did alright. Alright. They seemed to march down the field alright but stalled out in the red zone a couple of times. Ill attribute that to the offense not wanting to show too much on tape, but there is still cause for concern. The offensive line looked solid and the running game looked like it could be decent to good this year. Which, us Lions fans know, would be an absolutely massive upgrade.

I know its not many words, but there isnt a whole lot to say at this point until the regular season. Also, JAKE RUDOCK!!!!!

Today is the Day


Look, the preseason has not given Lions fans anything to get super excited about. After the first game, it’s the ole “its only preseason” excuse. Then, the second game was just flat out ugly. So ugly I didn’t want to blog about it (I didn’t have the time). Now, I have plenty of time so I will be sitting in my room and my fingers will be doing a lot of stroking. Masturbation joke, folks. But Dalton, isn’t it a little inappropriate and immature to make masturbation jokes at age 23? Well, probably immature but it’s my blog and I get to decide which jokes are kosher! Back to the Detroit Lions. Today is the all-important “tune-up” game against the Buccaneers. This is the game we need to see Stafford and the offense score on at least 2/5 series if they get that many. We also need to see the defense show some grit. The Lions are the only team without a sack in the preseason. Simply unacceptable. But, I won’t let this blog drag on too much longer. Simply put, if they look good tonight, no reason to worry (more than usual). I’ll probably get a recap blog up on Sunday because tomorrow I have a family reunion then a Judas Priest concert. \m/

Aretha Franklin Appreciation Blog


Well this just sucks. We all knew she was struggling this past week or so in the hospital, but the day has finally come. The world has lost the Queen of Soul. The OG Diva. The Queen of Motown. A woman who’s voice was declared a rare natural resource by the State of Michigan. A champion of women’s and minorities rights. Some one who elongated the National Anthem by, what seemed like, 5 hours and everyone was fine with it because, well, because shes Aretha Franklin. So, take a moment today to appreciate Aretha Franklin and some of her works.



Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Reaction


I AM OFFICIALLY AROUSED! For fans of the first Red Dead (if you’re not a fan, you’re a huge loser) this trailer is essentially the dose of drugs they give you at the methadone clinic. The announcement of RDR2 back in October of 2016 was Christmas come early for me and many others. Then production kept getting pushed, to quote Chris Berman, “BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK”. After many teases at the ever popular E3 festival, Rockstar games finally released the first game play footage of their most anticipated squeal ever.

The legion of RDR fans is large and passionate and I fully expect this games release to top any record that Grand Theft Auto has ever set. I will probably be pre-buying, making this the first game I will ever pre-buy.

While trying not to pass out while watching this trailer, here are a few things that really caught my fancy:

  • The scenery: This is, quite far and away, the most exciting thing I got out of the trailer. When the scene of main character on the mountain top (0:37) was looking over the cascading backdrop, my jaw almost dropped. I legitimately will probably buy a newer XBox just for the 4k gaming. Obviously, as technology advances the graphics in video games will get better and better. But, RDR still holds up after eight years (2010) so I fully expect RDR2 to look absolutely awe-inspiring.
  • Camp morale: This is a cool concept that wasn’t in RDR or Red Dead Revolver, the predecessor to Redemption. In the first two Dead games you play as outlaw John Marston and you do have an actual home. But, it seems that Rockstar decided to add a feature where you have to keep your band of outlaws happy and content where ever you set up camp. I feel like this borrows a little bit from Bethesda’s Fall Out series and I certainly don’t hate it.
  • Character/NPC interactions: Compared to RDR, it looks as though you will be able to have a more personal relationship with the characters that you interact with most. While this isnt a new concept to gaming, once again see Fall Out, this is new to the Red Dead franchise. It looks like they will still have the notoriety ratings which is nice but the best part will be the random interactions you come across when riding. In RDR you would frequently come across a stage coach being robbed, someone being held hostage, etc. etc. But in RDR2, you can either diffuse, escalate, or ignore the situation and that will be amazing. Also being able to silence witnesses instead of just gunning them down will help you boost that notoriety rating (if you’re into being a “good” guy).

The 5 Best Places to Drink a Sprite


******PAID CONTENT******

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.28.08 PM

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5. Watching a football game: Whats better on a crisp fall day, where passion and tradition are in the air than an ice cold Sprite? Nothing!

4. At a funeral: Wow, so sad. Ya know what would make that better, pal? The refreshing lemon-lime taste of a Sprite!

3. Swimming: You don’t want to drink any of that nasty lake water when delicious Sprite is available for consumption!

2. Competing in an advanced computer hacking competition: You’ve been up for 72 consecutive hours. You’re growing weary and possibly coming down with scurvy. If only God created something that can give you the caffeine and citrus nutrients your body deserves. Well, God didn’t make that but our good friends at Sprite did! Drink Sprite!

1. When buying things from JP’s Scrap Yard, Inc.: Hands down the best way to Obey Your Thirst ™ and get your hands on some quality scrap! That’s actually how I met my first wife. I was looking at buying a door for my ’94 Jimmy and she was drinking a Sprite. The way that cool, crisp, refreshing, lemon-lime nectar hit her lips, I knew I had to have her. By her, I mean Sprite. Only way I could have that Sprite was if I married this woman in front of me. So I did. The marriage was awful. All we did was fight. We thought having a kid could save it but it only made it worse. The divorce happened and she took the house, the kid, and my ’94 Jimmy (which I just put a door on). But through all the heart break and fighting and lawyers, the one thing she couldn’t take from me was my invigorating Sprite!                  SPRITE!


DTF: Preseason Week One


Its time for the Detroit Lions to start playing football again. With it being that time of the year again, SideLion Report decided to bring in the hired gun. That’s right, a no-name blogger who applied at the link down below. Cant figure out who it is? Its ME! Welp, if I had to guess you’re not here to read about me, so here are three things I’m looking for in the Lions first preseason game against the Oakland (1960-1982, 1995-2019) Raiders:


  • Back-Up Quarterback Battle: It will be interesting to see who gets more snaps with the second team in the game. Second year quarterback Jake Rudock or journeyman back-up Matt Cassel. A lot of reports from camp thus far says its been a 50/50 race. I would expect to see Rudock to start out with the second team, because hes the incumbent, but if Cassel out performs him in the glorified scrimmage dont be surprised to see a non-Stafford Matt to lead the second team in the second preseason game.
  • Second Corner Position: All-Pro corner Darius Slay is set as the main corner for the Lions, but his partner is still up in the air. As of now, it seems to be between former Seahawk DeShawn Shead and second year cornerback Nevin Lawson. Shead, a former member of the Legion of Boom, would be my pick for the position that mirrors Slay because of his experience and championship pedigree. Lawson wont go down without a fight though. After a strong second half to the 2017-2018 season, he can solidify his spot as the second corner with an impressive preseason, which starts tomorrow.
  • Kerryon Johnson: The rookie running back is the most anticipated player since the last time the Lions drafted a running back. We all know the woes of the Lions in the run game and it seems that the Lions’ front office also know. Trading up to draft Johnson proves their commitment to give Stafford a little bit of help on the offensive end. Obviously Johnson will get a lot of run during the regular season, so this isnt so much about a running back “battle” as much as it is to see how good/bad the rookie will be.