Blog Squad

Josh Bobrosky-Most Handsome.

Ben(n)(ji)(jamin) Braden- Natural Habitat: eating your food while you aren’t looking. Self-professed pretentious movie dick. Has never seen a sample size large enough. Responsible for bitching about the SEC, dirty dishes, and Elon Musk. Catch him hooping, he’ll either be trying very hard or not at all.

Dalton Potocki– Grew up in Standish, Mi. Once went 14-2 in Madden 13 with Seneca Wallace and the Browns. As the HBIC (head bitch in charge) of joshbobdotcom he is responsible for the content and editing (El, Oh, El). Expert on nothing, analyst on everything. His heroes include Kyle Korver, Clint Eastwood, and Billy Mitchell. Addicted to memes, gambling, procrastinating, and that action, boss.

Matt Egeler– Native of Ann Arbor, lover of all things athletic. Speaks almost entirely in It’s Always Sunny quotes. Identifies as Canadian, what with all the beer, hockey, and All Dressed chips. The blog’s resident hockey expert, art connoisseur, and authority figure on the finer things in life, such as getting drunk and watching an entire season of Trailer Park Boys. If you’re looking for a gift for Matt, he’d like you to know a Gunnar Stahl – Team Iceland jersey from Mighty Ducks: D2 is at the top of his wishlist.

“Down Town” Will Brown- Nashville, Tennessee native, hater of country music. Lover of all things Chicago, except the Cubs. Wrigley Field is a dump. Currently a resident of Mount Pleasant, MI. Known for his black Nike t-shirt and being the most average guy you’ll ever meet. His hobbies include traveling, watching the White Sox rebuild (2022 World Series Champions, you heard it here first), and drinking Miller Lite. When he’s not doing one of these things, you can probably find him at work, hating his life.

Leo Degenerate – Just a guy who’s bad at gambling. I’ll probably write about other stuff when I’m bored. But just fade me each week and you’ll get rich.

Morris Fabbri – UM alum, Catan enthusiast, Rocket League advocate. Possible communist. Might be a doctor someday. Hates swans, distrusts geese.