Al Riveron is Public Enemy #1


I haven’t written an angry Lions recap blog in a very long time. Probably have to go back a couple seasons but here we are. What happened on Monday night was different. This one really hurt. The Lions finally have a pretty good team and to have a game stolen from them was one of the more painful things I’ve had to do as a sports fan. I definitely cant write a coherent article about the atrocities we saw unfold in Wisconsin, but here is just little clusters of things that have been pissing me off.

  • Al Riveron
    • Since this weasel fuck has taken over Dean Blandino’s position, NFL officiating has not only gone down hill, its fell off a cliff. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would clamor for the days of Dean. Al Riveron has turned officials into babbling idiots who cant make the simplest of calls. Also, the “challenging P.I.” experiment has been embarrassing, at best. Coaches are 1-24 on P.I. challenges. That means refs are overturning P.I. calls/no-calls at a 4% rate. There have been some obvious ones too that they are not reversing because they would rather lie and be blatantly wrong than admit that they missed it. This is all on this idiot Riveron. Nobody like him, nobody respects, and nobody in the league office cares. We are in officiating hell right now and Al Riveron is nothing short of Satan.
  • Accountability
    • The most irritating part of when the refs make major mistakes that swing the outcomes of games is that nothing will happen to them. They are just out on the field next Sunday botching the same calls as they did the week before. Could you imagine if you fucked up so bad at work that the final version of your project is completely different than what people thought it would be 10 minutes ago? You’d be fired. But if you’re an NFL ref, not a big deal. Forget that these players and coaches get paid extra if they make the playoffs, win the division, etc. I know this isn’t new knowledge to even the dumbest of football fans, but maybe the officiating office needs to hear this, the average length of an NFL career is 3.3 years. These players aren’t making enough money to live the rest of their lives after 3 years. These refs, by changing the outcomes of games, are messing with peoples livelihoods. Yet, not one ounce of punishment will come down on these old men who are calling things they aren’t seeing and ruining peoples financial futures.
  • Other Teams
    • This just never happens to other teams and when it does, the NFL snaps into action instantly. Look at the Saints. It’s funny though, one bad call against another team inspires a rule change that now fucks the Lions. Refs are now not throwing flags in hopes that replay of some sort will get the call right. Ha.
  • Martha and Bob
    • I need more fire and brimstone out of Martha Firestone-Ford and Bob Quinn. I am sure that they are talking to someone in the league office about what an absolutely shitty job the officials are doing, but they need to release a public statement. Not for them or the team, but for the fans. They need to show us loyal idiots that they won’t let the NFL stomp all over us only to get a simple “shrug emoji” in return. Stick up for us, fight for us, show us that we matter to you!!!!
  • “The Lions could have done more to win”
    • For the most part, yes. Most times you can say “don’t let the refs decide the game for you” but Monday night was not one of those nights. If the Lions had scored 84 points and held the Packers to -13, then the refs wouldn’t have been able to decide the game. But in a league where most games are decided by a score or less, you cant have the officials wiping away (in the Lions case) four huge plays. “The Lions should have made more plays to win!” What about the first Flowers “hands-to-the-face” penalty that negated a third down sack that would have forced a punt to the Lions up 9 with 9 minutes to go? Was making a clean sack and getting the ball back not a “winning play”? Or how about drawing pass interference to the Packers 20-yard line to at LEAST extend your lead to 5? Is scoring late in the 4th a winning play? Maybe forcing a field goal with 90 seconds left and giving your offense a chance to get a game winning field goal is a winning pay? It could have been had the loser and habitual liar Jeff Rice actually watched the game he was officiating. Take your “could have done better argument” and shove it up your ass.
  • Why me?
    • I seem to be asking this question quite a bit lately. Why me? Why do my football teams always disappoint me? Ive done nothing wrong. I try to be a nice person. I try to do the right thing. Yet, time after time my weekends get ruined whether the onus be on my team or the officials. It doesnt matter. Just know that every weekend of football I will get fucked at least once.

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