Forgive for any mistakes in reporting, I have a few good reasons. 1) I was at the game in San Francisco so I did not have the benefit of other angles and replays. 2) My flight home had to abort during taking off because of engine failure. So, what I’m getting at is that Y’all should NOT criticize me for this article. In fact, everyone should be praising me. I am a victim…a survivor……….a hero. Not everyone survives a plane crash then goes on to blog about a completely unrelated subject. My picture should be hung next to George Washington in every school room. I should have my praises sung about by hundreds of thousands in the most angelic choir the United Nations could assemble. I should be considered a God. No, the God. But, I’m too humble to accept these praises. I’m just a typical grind it out from 9-5 with my brothers in the coal (the energy source that built this country) mines where I will retire at 62 and die of black lung at 68.

As for the game, at least the Lions looked better? Maybe? It is just so tough to watch that product on the field. They constantly blow assignments and miss tackles, along with not run blocking at all. I will give them this though, when it could have gotten ugly (like it did last Monday) the Lions buckled down, got some stops, and scored a few times. Hell, they had a chance to drive the field and at least tie at the end. They didn’t, but they at least had a chance. Which leads me to my next point, the offensive play calling in the first three-quarters of the game continues to be mind-blowing. This isn’t a new problem, either. Ever since JBC took over as the OC, the Lions have made it their calling card to have a slow start and a furious finish. That type of offense is not sustainable in the NFL. It worked one season to the tune of nine wins and a playoff appearance. I don’t understand why they can’t open up the offense early on to get a lead. Why do the Lions absolutely refuse to throw the ball downfield? Look at this chart that I found on twitter (from Albert Breer, I think):


I don’t know if JBC doesn’t trust Stafford to throw the ball more than ten yards or not, but I feel I can confidently say that Matt has the ability to average more than four yards a completion. The running game is completely doomed forever. I have absolutely no idea how to fix it. We’ve tried getting help on the line through draft and free agency. We’ve tried getting new running backs. None of it works. I would like to say its a scheme thing but these woes have lasted over multiple head coaches and coordinators. The Lions may never have a 100-yard rusher ever again.

I won’t really comment much on the defense because until they prove otherwise, they STINK. But, it would be unfair if I didn’t acknowledge a few positives. 1) They got some stops when they absolutely needed them. 2) They found some sort of pass rush. That’s about it. They still can’t stop mediocre running backs and losing Darius Slay to a concussion won’t make the defense better.

Now, the Lions absolutely deserved to lose this game based on the way they played. However, Max Kellerman, it wouldn’t be a Lions loss without some officiating controversy. We all know that a flag wiped away an interception that would have given the Lions the ball on the 3-yard line with a couple minutes on the clock. We all know that the flag was thrown away from the play. We all know that the “infraction” was a holding call that occurred within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. We all know that you can’t be called for defensive holding within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. We also all know that NFL really doesn’t care about if they get the call right or not. *Forrest Gump Voice* Thats all I have to say about that.

Now, we are on to next week where the Pats will probably stomp our teeth in on national television. Sweet. Same Old Lions is officially back in a BIG way.


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