Here’s Who We Are Fighting


As the sweltering heat comes back into late August and I continue to sweat 45 minutes after my shower, it can only mean one thing. Football season here and when football season is here, Grudge Season is here. As we can recall from last year, my shit list contained Dean Blandino, Rodger Goodell, and Wall Street Fat Cats. While there is one familiar face on this year’s list, the two newest additions just have me so pissed off. That’s not to say that Goodell and WSFCs are in my good graces, they just aren’t getting my goat like they used to. Without further ado, here is this year’s OFFICIAL Shit List.

  1. Dean Blandino: Always has and always will be public enemy #1. As long as the Lions are getting screwed by the officials, I dont see anyone that could take Dean off of the number one spot.
  2. mgoblog: Let me start by saying that I think they put out great content/gifs. The only thing I’ve ever had an issue with is that I think some of their personalities have thin skin online and become triggered then try to weaponize their followers into shaming people. I’m not here to say wheter that is a good or bad thing to do, because some people need to be shamed, but some of the mgoblog writers weaponize at the drop of a hat. The reason why the Couch Boys (thats us)  are fighting with them is because, OUT OF NO WHERE, they blocked me on twitter from the mgoblog account. I looked up my twitter history and I have had ZERO interaction with them or any of their writers. Some one must have tipped them off that I think some of their writers are sawft *cough cough @mofab123 cough cough* I really do enjoy what they put out, but this act of anti-aggression will not stand, man. So, someone tell the cowards over at mgoblog that if they want my patronage back they just have to unblock me. Then, and only then,  we can be cool again.
  3. @WarrenBuffet99: This twitter account has came out of no where and I see tons of people I follow like or retweet its tweets. To be clear, this is not the actual Warren Buffet. This is a fake account that tweets out bullshit normie stuff like “The smartest people i know do this (lists ten dumb things)”. Idk how long WB99 can stay on this shit list because I assume I’ll just forget about it, but as of now its on the list. I aggregate some of the best content on the web to my account (@dpotocki) and I cant seem to gain more than 400 followers but this fake Buffet account tweets out horoscope level nothingness and has over 160k.


UPDATE: THE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED. WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! Tell MGoBlog that if they dont want the same fate as @WarrenBuffet99 they should unblock me.

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