Today is the Day


Look, the preseason has not given Lions fans anything to get super excited about. After the first game, it’s the ole “its only preseason” excuse. Then, the second game was just flat out ugly. So ugly I didn’t want to blog about it (I didn’t have the time). Now, I have plenty of time so I will be sitting in my room and my fingers will be doing a lot of stroking. Masturbation joke, folks. But Dalton, isn’t it a little inappropriate and immature to make masturbation jokes at age 23? Well, probably immature but it’s my blog and I get to decide which jokes are kosher! Back to the Detroit Lions. Today is the all-important “tune-up” game against the Buccaneers. This is the game we need to see Stafford and the offense score on at least 2/5 series if they get that many. We also need to see the defense show some grit. The Lions are the only team without a sack in the preseason. Simply unacceptable. But, I won’t let this blog drag on too much longer. Simply put, if they look good tonight, no reason to worry (more than usual). I’ll probably get a recap blog up on Sunday because tomorrow I have a family reunion then a Judas Priest concert. \m/

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