I Lost the JBDC Gmail Password


God damn it. I wanted to just casually log into the joshbobdotcom gmail account for the first time in a year and I cant remember the password. Did I set up a separate account for password recovery? Of course not! Did I set up text message recovery? Oh hell no, and give my phone number to the government? Certainly couldn’t be me.

So, now Im stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So, if any readers out there have an idea for what the JBDC password could be, Im all ears. Here are a few clues, it probably has joshbobdotcom in there and it probably has the number(s) 69 or 420. Please help by figuring it out or donating enough money so I can buy Google. My venmo is open @DPotocki. Thanks and have a blessed day

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