Lions Too Early Season Preview


Its everyone’s favorite time of year! Where every team’s fan base looks at the schedule and says their team has a floor of 8-8 and a ceiling of 10-6. Without further hesitation, here is a week by week break down of the Lions 2018 schedule:

Week 1 vs NYJ, MNF: Lions starting the year in prime time, at home, versus the lowly Jets. The Patricia Era will get off on the right foot. 1-0

Week 2 @ SF: Patricia and Jimmy G reunite once more, this time in The City. I, personally, am not sold on the Garoppolo hype train. I think the 49ers will be decent, but not decent enough. 2-0

Week 3 vs NE, SNF: Father vs Son. Prodigy vs Master. In prime time and at home against the toughest opponent of the year the Lions should be ready to roll. But Bill Belichick is still Bill Belichick and the Lions are still the Lions. 2-1

Week 4 @ DAL: I’m sick and tired of hearing about how good a team the Cowboys have. SCREW ‘EM! I know Zeke is good and that line is good but a suspect defense and no receiving threats should bode well for the Lions. 3-1

Week 5 vs GB: The Lions first look at the Packers this year happens to be at home. The Pack is still pretty healthy at this point and Rodgers finds all of his new weapons. 3-2

Week 6 Bye

Week 7 @ MIA: Miami=Bad. 4-2

Week 8 vs SEA: This Seattle team isnt even a shell of its Super Bowl-self. The defense is in shambles, still no offense, and I think Pete Carroll’s tactics arent working on this team the same way. Being at home will just about lock this one up for the Lions. 5-2

Week 9 @ MIN: Reigning NFC North Champs get their first look at the new Detroit Lions at home. Cousins does a nice enough job under center and lets the defense let them win the game. 5-3

Week 10 @ CHI: Facing the Bears late in the season for the first time, I just hope the weather stays decent. If there isnt snow on the ground yet, the Lions win and continue to dominate the Bears. 6-3

Week 11 vs CAR: The Lions let one slip away against the Panthers last year and they will let this one slip too. Super Cam is just too good. 6-4

Week 12 vs CHI, Thanksgiving: The first of many Thanksgiving day wins for Matt Patricia. No chance for Trubisky in Ford Field, the crowd will be just too rowdy. 7-4

Week 13 vs LAR: If things work out, the Rams should be an absolute unit this year. I think they will steam roll most of the NFC. The Lions are included in “most of the NFC”. 7-5

Week 14 @ AZ: The Lions have always struggled in the desert. Even though its a dry heat, the Lions still melt down in a classic SOL game. 7-6

Week 15 @ BUF: I’ll be at this game. No chance the Lions even think about losing in front of me. 8-6

Week 16 vs MIN: The Lions exact their revenge and keep their playoff hopes alive. Patricia’s face at this point is either beard or red from the winter/stress. 9-6

Week 17 @ GB: You know the drill by now. 9-7


There you have it. Told y’all that every year fans have their teams winning the same amount of games. Obviously things can change. Injuries, the draft, trades, or just randomness. Hell, the Eagles were supposed to be shitty last year and the Giants were supposed to contend for the NFC East. There is hope for big things this year but just remember that for every high there will certainly be a worse low. That’s the deal as a Lions fan.



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