Sports Smatterings with Dalton


Lions Free Agency:

It seemed as if every team but the Lions in the NFC North made some big, splashy move in free agency. A lot of skill players were signed to the Packers, Bears, and Vikings and it seems as if the Lions only grabbed a few linebackers. It’s all well and good to grab position players but free agency is not a time where teams put themselves over the proverbial hump. Most of the time it leads to overpaying players whom were not wanted on their previous team. I do really like the linebacker signings, not like “these guys are going to be all star” signings but in the sense of a couple of guys that can help a depleted unit. That being said, I would like to see the Lions sign a few nice defensive tackles (SUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH) and then patch up everything else in the draft.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this the Lions cut Ebron. While I agree that he isn’t worth $8.5 million, its tough not having a TE on the roster. I hope we can sign him back at a lesser amount but I doubt he would do that.

UPDATE 2.0: We signed DeShawn Shead to a 1-year deal. Love this move. Love it a lot. Really no impact on our future and an immediate upgrade to the secondary. Only thing that would suck is if he turns out to be amazing and we only have him for the year.

Michigan in the Tourney:

I like the region that Michigan is in, I really do. Quite winnable, if I do say so myself. I do say that! Obviously a deep run will rely on the guard play of Simpson and Mathews. I feel that at this point you know what youre going to get out of MAAR, Mo, and Duncan. Here are a few obvious keys that you definitely did not miss; Mo needs to stay out of foul trouble. Free throws need to be knocked down in clutch time. Duncan needs to continue to defend the way he had at the end of the season. My player that could make everyone fall in love with? Teske. If you follow me on twitter (@dpotocki) and Teske does anything of note, get ready to see this:tt


Michigan State in the Tourney:

Pretty simple, these guys just need to remember that they are, in fact, pretty good at basketball. Not sure why Bridges is scared of taking it inside but if he runs more of the “Im bigger than the guy guarding me so I will go dunk it” play, things are looking bright in East Lansing. JJJ should get more run that he had been getting. It seemed like every time I watched the Spartans that JJJ would sit inexcusable amounts of time. Izzo needs to shorten up that bench and hope to god that TumTum finds an ounce of offense if they want to get by Duke in the Sweet 16. Sorry State fans, but no cool graphics for you.

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