The Fix Was In

At its highest level, college basketball rivalry is a battle of great basketball minds and some of the best young athletes in the country. As tensions run high, fans see games less as a basketball contest and more as a clash of ideologies. The winners gains the ultimate triumph, while the losers submit with a grudging respect for the victors and a chance to reflect on the flaws that were their undoing.

But not on the Red Cedar Message Board.

Without further ado, let’s see how the best and brightest of the Spartans community took in their showdown with the Wolverines on Saturday.

(Link to the full game thread here)


“We’re better against the field.” Bears out. They did barely beat Northwestern on the road. I feel guilty about winning now that I know Michigan’s modern offense only carved up MSU’s D due to “finesse.”


Over two thousand posts, and this guy’s already ready to give it all up after a 13-4 Michigan run to start the game. I don’t respect the weird sex metaphor but I do respect the defiance.


The Red Cedar Message Board holds a reverence for Matt “Pidgy” McQuaid that I can only begin to understand when I realize that all of these posters are white dudes. I’m sure he’s alright and all but I straight up guffawed every time that guy got the ball or saw the floor at Breslin.


msufan98 will turn out to be a voice of reason down the road, but he is not off to a strong start.


I’m sure the Spartans have many inventive insults for Michigan players, Wagner especially, but “Mo the ho” takes the cake.


Matt McQuaid is the Spartans’ X-factor and we are now Wisconsin on defense. I like the way things are going.


It’s a bit unfair that the refs, announcers, fans, MSU players and coaches did everything they could to tilt the game in Michigan’s favor.


We’ve got another prophet on our hands, folks.


It’s fans like this that give me the strength to keep making fun of the other fans.


The Eagle has finally blown the Big Ten’s cover. Clearly, MSU doesn’t get ticky-tack foul calls as payback for winning games by playing in a manner that is conducive to success when ticky-tack fouls aren’t called.


Complaints about the refs might be more compelling if they were valid or consistent


This is not the last “outcoached” you’ll see in this post.


Michigan basketball is Michigan State football with Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin defense. I’ll take it.


If we were making more shots than they were, we would be winning. We’re not playing bad, we’re just being forced into awful shots and missing them.


Go watch golf, dude.


A fantastic trio of posts in sequence.


According to the RCMB:

Good: Matt McQuaid, Mo Wagner, Cassius Winston

Bad: Miles Bridges, Charles Matthews, Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman (whose name this board misspelled in about 80 different ways).


Also good: Zavier Simpson, whose name was spelled with an X every time he was mentioned on this board.


They’re sick of the floor slaps! Shoot it straight into my veins!


Straight into my veins!


Fucking potatoes! Xavier Simpson! Every facet of the game! I need more!


Is baby shit notably softer than normal shit? Also, what is a team, but a collection of individuals, WesternSpartan?


It’s not Izzo’s fault his players are mentally and physically weaker than the other team despite having two lottery picks in the starting lineup. Beilein’s just a dirty coach who uses tactics that are just philosophically inaccessible to a morally upstanding fella like Izzo.


To be fair to the board, I would’ve freaked out at Nick Ward’s missed bunny too.


It’s not the refs, or the coaching, it’s the ink!


Outcoached again!


Moritz “Mo the ho” “Vahgner” Wagner


God, yes.


Credit msuspartan4eva and msudabest for being able to see truth through all the bias.


Sand in the vajayjay.


I’m beginning to think “finesse” might just be a compliment of the highest order.


Move along folks, nothing to see here. Also, god save Matt McQuaid.


Straight. Into. My. Veins.






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