Sometimes You Have to Get Political


Listen folks, I try not to get political on the blog or my social media feeds but some times enough is enough. I think it is time we address a REAL issue that is costing our society, what I can only assume, is billions of dollars. While we hard working Americans are busting our ass to just survive paycheck to paycheck these parasites on society continually drain our pocketbooks. We give them food, build them houses, and if we say one bad thing about them legions of advocacy groups will come knocking on our door. Hell, if I shoot certain ones I would face special sentencing and fines because our government goes out of the way to protect these unwanted things that, quite honestly, if you call them human you should be put into an insane asylum.


That’s right folks, I’m talking about birds. These ungrateful SOBs take what we give them for granted. We let them stay in this country; they don’t pay taxes, some of them cross the borders illegally (looking at you Canadian Geese), and for what? So they can shit on our cars? Then, on top of it all, our Super Lib government glorifies these bastards so much that they even think one should represent the United States. Pathetic. Why do we feed them and not make them pay? Is it because people are too afraid to say anything and if they did they would be ostracized because societal norms would disagree? And don’t get me started on Ostriches. These birds can build their own houses. IVE SEEN THEM IN REAL LIFE. Yet, we basically enslave our middle/high school UNDERAGE kids to build them houses for free. But, if I wanted to hire a 14 year old to work in my coal mine I would have the government up my ass. Pretty funny how schools are owned by the government and none of this gets changed.


Ive finally had enough. It is time for the revolution. I didn’t want to be the one that rocked the boat but when I cant even look out my window with out seeing a disgusting feathered freak I think its about damn time something changed. So I ask you, next time you see a bald eagle, pull out the biggest, most dangerous weapon you own and gun that mofo down. But don’t shoot that beaked bitch for me, don’t even shoot it for you, shoot it for America.


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