Top #23s in Piston’s History


By now, everyone knows that Blake Griffen has changed his number from 32 to 23 as to not infringe upon the legacy of Richard “Rip” Hamilton. Love this move from Blake. He could have said that he wanted to keep the same number as he has had his whole NBA career, but he came in and knew the importance of that number to both the fans and the franchise.

To honor the newest 23 to the franchise, here are the definitive rankings of top Pistons to wear #23


3. Mark Aguirre


Mark wore the #23 for most of his time in Detroit. Acquired in a trade from Dallas in order to help push the Pistons to a championship in the 1989 season. Obviously, it worked. He went on to help the Bad Boys win another one in the 1990 season and it is tough to see Detroit winning either of those championships with out him. In his NBA career he was a 3 time NBA all-star and he averaged 20 ppg, 5 rpg, and 3.1 apg.


2. Blake Griffin


He has yet to play a game with the Pistons but just his potential ability to turn around a franchise in despair launches him to the second spot on this list. He is a 5 time NBA all-star and is looking to add on more. Up to this point, Blake has averaged 21, 5, and 3 in his career. While he isn’t the high flyer he used to be in Lob City, he has certainly expanded the game and will make the Pistons watchable for at least the next 4 years.


1.Ersan Ilyasova (Arsen Ilyasov?????)


The greatest Piston to ever wear #23 and I feel many pundits could argue that he is the greatest player in basketball history to wear the ole two-three. During his short, but memorable stint in Detroit he had entertained the masses similar to the likes of Chauncey or Isaiah. The only word that really comes to mind is “magical”. I could give you the numbers of his time here in the D, but he is the type of player that NERDS cant comprehend. Only a true basketball galaxy brain, like myself, can understand what exactly happened during those magical nine months in Southeast Michigan.



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