Big deal for Stan Van today! Just to catch everyone up, the Clippers traded Blake Griffin, Willie Reed, and Brice Johnson for Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, Boban NotGonnaAttemptHisLastName, 2018 First Round Pick and 2019 Second Round Pick.

At first look, this is a lot to give up for essentially Blake Griffin. The health issues of Griffin are certainly a concern and Johnson/Reed probably wont contribute much so essentially trading for one player leaves another sour taste in my mouth. The Pistons gave up quite a bit too. Shipping out two starters (Bradley and Harris) and a fan favorite is always tough, couple that with the draft picks and this deal doesn’t look great for the Pistons. Looking at the contract Tobias was on and his break out year and there will be more than a few collars pulled in cautious disbelief in Detroit.

BUT, I like this deal. Ill let you watch this video while you clean up the coffee you spit out.


Now let me tell you why:

  • What they had wasn’t working
    • The Pistons are in the middle of an eight game losing streak and have looked atrocious since Reggie Jackson went down with an injury. The Pistons have not had a playmaker in the lineup since then. I mean, yeah Andre is good and all, but if we absolutely need a bucket I’m not so sure he is the guy. Griffin is a bona fide all-star and known bucket-getter.
  • It really wasn’t much
    • Bradley was 100% not coming back to the Pistons and Boban didn’t contribute at all. Bradley is an elite level defender who will be courted heavily in the offseason when he becomes a restricted free agent. If the Pistons are going to pay a lot of money to a player, I’d rather it be Griffin than Bradley. As for Boban, I legit think he is too big to play long minutes. Like, his body literally cant hold up for long stretches of time. So essentially, the Pistons gave up Tobias, a first, and a second for Blake Griffin.
  • Doesn’t hurt the depth of the team
    • The Pistons were loaded at SG so losing Avery doesn’t hurt; in fact it may help. This season is already lost so now having an opening at SG will allow Kennard to get more minutes and move Langston Galloway into the main back up role. If Kennard can develop, him and Bullock will be a couple of interesting young players to have on the wings.
  • Griffin is trapped in Paradise
    • Griffin just signed a 5-year extension with the Clippers this offseason, so there is no threat of him just leaving in free agency any time soon. This gives the Pistons two all-stars to build around for the foreseeable future.