New Year’s Pay Day

I’m not good at picking games. Every one I post here I tend to either not bet myself or go the opposite. But Dalton insists I keep giving my picks. Tread lightly.

Outback Bowl: I’ll take Michigan – 7 1/2 because I can’t stomach us losing another game. Did you see what Michigan State did and what Ohio State is doing as I write this to USC (up 17-0 as of this post). Michigan has to win and cover, because South Carolina isn’t good.

Peach Bowl: My heart says UCF +10, but Auburn is a much better team and ultimately I don’t buy the notion that Scott Frost is still all in with the Knights after taking the Nebraska gig.

Citrus Bowl: I’m somewhat surprised that LSU is favored by 3, but neither team cares that much to be in this game. Coach O makes you care, give me the Tigers.

Rose Bowl: Everyone in their lifetime should go to the Rose Bowl. It is truly heaven on earth and every cliché you’ve heard about this game is true. Also, it’s very close to Santa Anita which is my home race track for horse betting. Georgia is awesome and their coach is the next Saban. Baker is fun, but Georgia’s defense plays with a controlled violence that makes football beautiful. I’d take Georgia minus anything, 2 points is no sweat.

Sugar Bowl: Winner of this game claims the title of best coach currently in college football. I think its Dabo, even though I’ll always think Clemson is a fraud. Give me Bama -3.

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