Lions Mailbag: 12/21


At this point in the season, everyone knows what kind of team the Lions are, so instead of me recapping the wire-to-wire win against the Bears, I’ve opened up the mailbag once again!


Eric from Suttons Bay, Mi.: “Which fictional athlete could help the Lions most next season?”

Fine question Eric, obviously this depends on where you think the Lions are at in their proverbial “window”. If they are in “win now” mode, which I believe they are, they should look to someone like Air Bud. Ball-hawking safety and a low pad level makes this canine the most sought after FFA (fictional free agent). Considering how thin they are at that position, adding AB would bring a real bite to the secondary. If they have time to develop, I would look to Tim Riggins, the Friday Night Lights running back, because we know the Lions have a tough time running the ball.


Morris from Southfield, Mi.: “Is Caldwell’s job in jeopardy if the Lions win out and miss the playoffs?”

This is tough because conventional wisdom says you don’t fire a coach two seasons removed from a playoff appearance and coming off of a 10-6 year. But, anyone who has watched the team this year knows that they haven’t played up to what they should be. That said, the fact that we are even talking about it and it was leaked out that Caldwell’s extension was only on year, I would say that barring a playoff win, Caldwell’s seat is hot.


Matt from Ann Arbor, Mi.: “Will I, as a Lions fan, ever be truly happy? Second Question: How do you feel about the Browns 0-16 season? It’s a divisive issue amongst Lions fans.” 

Happiness is a tough thing to measure. What is happiness? Is it being content with what you have or is it obtaining something you yearn for? Well it doesn’t matter for Lions fans because until they win the big one everything will be disappointing. So, in short, you wont ever be happy. As for the Browns, the season isn’t over yet. They still have two chances to get that W, but if they do fall to 0-16 I will be upset. 0-16 is one of the last things we Lions fans have claim that we truly have it the worst. Also, Matt Millen needs to be stuck with the tag as the only GM to orchestrate a winless season.


Christian from San Francisco, Ca.: “Why is it as soon as I abandon the Lions to become a Pistons fan, the Pistons lose 7 straight?”

As a close personal friend I feel that I can say this, but no one within our friend group wants to see you or your team win in sports/cards/Catan/competitions and it appears that there is some deity above that agrees with us. Please stop rooting for teams that I root for; you’re the bad luck guy.*

*Celtic Pride reference. If you haven’t seen it yet, its a classic sports comedy that does a nice job capturing the craziness that comes with being a die hard fan.


Matt from Austin, Tx.: “Will we get a playoff win by the end of Stafford’s career?”

Yes. I don’t know how or why, but yes. He is too good of a quarterback to not win a playoff game. He also seems to be getting better. Indications are that Bob Quin is actually good at his job and can find talent in both free agency and the draft. If Stafford doesn’t have a playoff win, then it will be the most disappointing era of Lions football and that is really saying something.

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