Basketball is My Favorite Sport

Basketball is not my favorite sport. I like football the most, but I don’t care about any of that right now. I committed to writing about Michigan basketball this afternoon and was looking forward to doing so after the 1st half of tonight’s game. Michigan will be fine and John Beilein is an exceptional coach. Teams have bad games and bad halves. It sucks that this loss came in Columbus, but that’s more coincidental than a reflection of Ohio State being better than Michigan. Zavier Simpson should play a lot less, but that’s about my only complaint. This could end up being a bad loss on the résumé, but I don’t expect Michigan to end up being a bubble team. Wins against UCLA and Texas could all but lock up an at-large berth for Michigan if they can go .500 in conference play. I’m just writing a bunch of stuff now, that’s all about Michigan basketball, but doesn’t have much to do with tonight, so I’m going to wrap this up. Cheer up and watch some Rick and Morty which is a show I still don’t really get, but it’s cool to watch it so I’ll power through.


P.S. This fan is a fucking loser. Imagine having a degree from a University where this guy can afford a courtside seat. He’s the face of Ohio State University. I feel better knowing that. It’s a Monday night in December and this guy is still so desperate to forget that he lost custody of his kids during the divorce settlement years ago. Sad.Ohio State Fan Tongue.gif

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