DTF: Week 11


If I were lazier than I actually am, I would just copy and paste last weeks recap and throw it up here but I love you. All of you. Honestly! Ok, well maybe not all of you, but I still appreciate you reading the blog and you can take that to the bank (new catch phrase?)! Games like these are nice that they won, believe me, but when they come out back to back weeks against inferior opponents and look so flat it is tough to have much hope. Maybe the worst part of all of this, if they win on Thanksgiving on Thursday then my expectations will be sky high once again only to end in wretched heartbreak. But, until that day comes, here is this weeks good, bad, and ugly.



  • Matthew Stafford: While coming out slow, Stafford had a perfect second quarter on his way to a 299 yard, 2 touchdown, and 0 interception performance while leading the Lions to a game winning drive and taking up most of the clock. Wasn’t his sharpest performance from start to finish and his pocket presence looked shaky but he made a lot of nice deep passes including a 30-yard strike down the sideline to Marvin Jones.
  • The Secondary: Aside from a potential game clinching interception that Slay shockingly couldn’t hold on to, they played a good game. DJ Hayden made the play of the game when he picked up a miss-handled snap for a touchdown. Most of the passing success for the Bears came against linebackers so the secondary gets maybe the best “good” of the bunch
  • Matt Prater: Before the Lions signed Prater, they worked out him, Jay Feely, and Connor Barth. Judging on Sunday’s game, they made the correct choice. I know I say it almost every week, but Prater has been one of the best free agent signings this franchise has ever had. If he continues this pace of clutch kicking, he could rival Han$on as the best kicker in franchise history.



  • Flatness: 2 weeks in a row they fell behind 10 points to inferior opponents. Caldwell needs to get the boys to come out hot on Thursday.
  • Offensive Line: For having the offensive line fully healthy for the first time, they left a lot to be desired. Didn’t open any holes for the run game and allowed a lot of pressure any time Stafford took a 3-step or more drop.



  • Run Defense: Puke
  • Run Offense: More Puke?


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