Sea Change

After four straight tumultuous performances in which John O’Korn singlehandedly submarined Michigan’s offense, the dawn of the Brandon Peters era was only a matter of time. What better time to debut than at the start of a three-game stretch against the dregs of the conference? When O’Korn sputtered through a scoreless first quarter, the rabid hordes of armchair coaches across Michigan finally got their wish. Peters did not disappoint, keeping afloat three straight touchdown drives led largely by road-grading run blocking and some impressive running by Ty Isaac and Karan Higdon. Shaky start aside, Michigan dispatched Rutgers as expected.

From what I saw, reactions to the game were split into two camps. A small, desperately deluded delegation of the fanbase instantly heralded Peters as the next coming of Drew Henson, charting Big Ten title scenarios and shoveling coal into the hype train for next year’s playoff push. The majority reacted with cautious optimism. Peters hit some tight windows and demonstrated a rudimentary understanding of how to navigate a pocket. To my untrained eye, he never had to make any complex reads. He shouldn’t need to for another two weeks, after which Michigan will face an acid test at Camp Randall and then another one at home against the Buckeyes. With the revelation that was John O’Korn in Purdue still fresh in my mind, it would be irresponsible to make any sweeping declarations about the fate of the program after a win over Rutgers.

The best part of Michigan’s victory was that it started at 12pm, giving football fans the freedom to enjoy the chaos that was the 3:30 slate. A couple guys got dinged up, the d-line mauled some guys, and that was about it. Without further ado, here’s low-effort filler-I mean here’s 5 tweets I enjoyed yesterday.

Full disclosure: I didn’t watch most of the first quarter. I didn’t miss much.

A two-part before-and-after summarizing Peters’ impact on the offense.

There’s always something to complain about. Even if you have to invent problems that don’t exist. Fans find a way.

Nothing to do with the game, I just really liked this tweet.


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