Weekend Football Preview


Cincinnati @ # 8 Michigan, 12 pm EST, ABC:  There isn’t a whole lot to say about the game. This should be a cupcake contest for the Wolverines. After a big win against Florida, they can rest easy for the next few weeks. Expect the play calling to be conservative for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason would be to put more confidence into Speight and to not tip their cap to future opponents. Expect a lot of carries from Higdon and Isaac while Evans protects himself from potential injury. The most important thing for Michigan here is to get out of here healthy. Prediction: UM 35-7

Western Michigan @ Michigan State, 3:30 pm EST, BTN: The Spartans can’t share the same luxury as their rivals in Ann Arbor. Western comes in after a nice 3 1/2 quarters against USC in Pasadena. While State struggled at times vs Bowling Green their defense played very well in the second half and Lewerke seems to have a nice early season report with his receivers. To be clear, MSU is the superior team in this matchup. Western is still solid behind Bellamy and Bogan but they certainly aren’t the NYE Bowl Game team that they were last year. State wins this game by two scores unless they continue their turn the ball over. If they do, it could be a long game, week, season for the Sparty faithful. Prediction: MSU 27-17

Arizona @ Detroit: 1 pm EST, FOX: I dont want to make a mountain out of a mole hill for a week one game but if the Lions have a good showing, win or lose, it will be a fun season to watch at the very least. The Cardinals offense is based solely off of David Johnson, as it should be. He’s a beast, AN ANIMAL, and will be tough for the Lions to contain. Especially considering they don’t really have any linebackers. If the Lions can keep Johnson around 100 yards and 1 td, they can win this game. Palmer isn’t the same QB he was 2 years ago and can’t fling it around the yard like Paul Crewe in prison. The Lions offense is good enough to score on the Cardinals’ defense because of weapons like Tate, Jones, and a healthy Abdullah. This will be a battle won in the trenches and I feel who ever can get the most production on the ground will win. Also, I don’t have it in my heart to pick against the Lions in the home opener. Prediction: Lions 28-24

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