joshbobdotcom Staff Does Science


When do we find out about dinnerware? This hotly debated topic found its way into the exclusive community of the joshbobdotcom staff. It started with me stating that, close friend and confidant, Doug Freeman made a Southwest Breakfast Bowl ™ for dinner. Braden retorted, correctly, that it was on a plate thus not making it a bowl. I, being the most honest of the group, acknowledged that Braden was correct. This small exchange launched us into the deep intellectual discussion as to when we, humans, find out what plates, bowls, spoons, etc. are.

This is where the absurdity started. Braden claims that kids don’t learn what dinnerware is until kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN. What the hell is he talking about? I 100% knew what a fork was by the time I was 5. I stated that it was knowledge that you just kind of picked up through growing up. Similar to Marilyn Manson removing a rib for self-pleasure reasons or that fire trucks are more WEE-WOO-WEE-WOO than police cars. A casual exchange went back and forth and we decided to figure this out the only way possible, with science. And by science we mean taking a spoon and yelling at 3 year olds asking them “WHERE DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THIS?!?!?!” After everyone in the room reached a consensus that this was the most professional way to go about solving this age-old dilemma, Braden dropped some of the most profound quote of the 1990s; SEATS TAKEN. Thus was the end of one problem and the start of a 3 minute laugh fest.

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