Updated Shit List


Well folks, I found it. And I’m not talking about Trump’s sense of dignity. I kid folks; it’s at Putin’s house. We like to joke around here. But seriously, I found my old Shit List and taking a look back into the past, I can’t help but notice the results.

Here is the old list:

  1. Dean Blandino
  2. John Beilein
  3. Wall Street Fat Cats


Lets get into it. Since Dean found himself as Personal Enemy #1, he faced a line of scrutiny and is now in a line of his own, the unemployment line. Coach Beilein probably saw his name and said to himself, “Well I have to get off that list!” so he decided to wait a year and take his team on a deep tourney run. That will get you off the list. As for the WSFCs, they must not have gotten the notice.

Considering that 2 of the 3 on the list are now off, it is time for a much-needed update.



  1. Wall Street Fat Cats
    1. When the top two get knocked off, it’s a non-stop flight to the top.
  2. Roger Goodell
    1. This is really a placeholder until I get pissed at someone in the officiating office. But watch where you step Rog.
  3. Aaron Rodgers
    1. Toss up between him and LeBron James. Cant stand both of them but Rodgers inflicts much more personal pain. His family hates him and I hope he looses his money in some type of internet scam.

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