MY Top 5 Kickers of All Time


The fact that Jason Hanson is ranked the 4th best kicker in history is a crime. Now, to be fair, I have not looked at the list so I don’t know who is in front of him or their reasoning for their placement BUT I know what’s in my heart and my heart almost stopped when I saw he was 4th.



  1. Morton Anderson- The dude played for a billion years and was as consistent as Skip Bayless bringing up the Dez catch every time there is a semi-questionable call in a playoff game.
  2. Jason “J-Money” Hanson- Not sure if that was his nickname but it would have been pretty damn sweet if it was. Also a scratch golfer.
  3. Adam Vinatieri- Not sure what his regular season numbers are but he has won Super Bowls on last second kicks. Clutch gene at its finest, take note LeBron.
  4. The Gramatica Brothers- These bros went absolutely fucking wild after every made field goal. Also, which ever one hurt themselves has to thank God every day that twitter wasn’t around yet.
  5. Matt Prater- Seems like the coolest dude on earth. Just one of the guys that also happens to play professional football. Also has a cannon leg. How many RTs for me to get kicked in the nuts by Prater?

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