Pistons Make Avery Big Move


The Pistons finally made a big off-season move. Before I get in too deep, I have to say that it hurts me losing Marcus Morris. I really enjoyed Morris as a player and a person. I thought he brought grit to the team that isn’t being provided by Reggie or Andre.

With that being said, this is an A+ trade for SVG. Avery Bradley is one heck of a player. Boston loved him because he always worked hard and played good defense, two staple traits of a SVG player. He shot almost 40% from the long line last year and has shown steady improvement throughout his career in the NBA.

This move pretty much says that KCP is gone. He’s still a restricted free agent and all reports are that the talks between him and the team halted. While KCP is a good player, the only way that I was ok with maxing him out was if the team moved Reggie or Andre. I give a lot of credit to SVG for getting aggressive in search of a replacement for KCP. If we maxed out KCP that would put the Pistons in a position where they could sign virtually no free agents.

SVG scored big time with this trade and, looking at the stats, Avery Bradley is just as good as a defender as KCP and is a better 3 point shooter on a more team friendly deal.


P.S. I really wish the Pistons went after Swaggy P, especially now that Morris is gone.

P.P.S. My projected starting line up: Reggie, Bradley, Harris, Leuer, Andre

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