Well, SVG decided to go with the Dukie, Luke Kennard. I know there are questions about him as a player. He can shoot, which is what the Pistons desperately need but, c’mon, it’s Luke Kennard. The worst part though? The Pistons were so damn mediocre this year and so underperforming that it’s hard to get emotional one way or another. Do I think Kennard will be an all-star? No, I do see his ceiling as an Evan Fournier though and his floor is, Pistons fans brace yourselves, Kyle Singler. Kennard is a shoot first guard who has a bit of a drive game. I’m just expecting it to be an ok pick until the Reggie/Andre situation is resolved. To me, this pick looks like a last ditch effort to keep the pick-and-roll as the primary style of offense.


Grade: C+, could be better but at least it will resolve shooting issues off the bench.