So incase you haven’t heard, the Lakers traded D’Angelo Russel and Timofey Mozgov to the Nets for Robin Lopez and a first round pick this year. People are calling this a move to free up space to sign a big free agent or trade for a big name player, i.e. Paul George. But, the Lakers front office can’t fool me; I know what this move is all about. The Lakers have chosen to side with Nick “Swaggy P” Young and I couldn’t agree with the decision more.

The Lakers play in L.A. (no duh) and this was about picking an L.A. guy over a non-L.A. guy. Compare the two, Russel is young, athletic, can score the rock, has a high ceiling, and will develop into a nice player. Young is swaggy and when you play in the City of Angels, swag is everything. Russel is a great basketball player but Swaggy P is an entertainer and the Staples Center is for entertainers only.

If this move surprises anyone than you’re a big dumb stupid idiot. Look who the GM of the Lakers is right now, Magic Johnson. Yea, the same one that was on the SHOW TIME Lakers. No one in the NBA is more show time than Mr.Swaggalicious. So I tip my cap to you Magic, I wasn’t sure if you could cut it as the GM of a franchise, but credit where credit is due.


Swaggy P