Dalton Does America: Days 3,4, and 5


June 13-14, 2017

Nothing really note worthy. Did some touristy stuff around New Mexico. Went shopping and ate some good Mexican food. By far the most relaxing two days. Also, since Best Western redid their hotels, I’m a big Best Western guy. They have high quality rooms at an affordable price. WOW!


June 15, 2017


Only a few roadside stops but they were quality. We did a lot of driving too and in that driving we watched “The Hateful 8” for the second time in two days. A+ film and it may be my favorite Tarantino.


11:20 am CST: Bristow, Ok. Really set the tone for the day. A big auto sign and it was nowhere near the biggest thing we saw that day. It was pretty neat though to just see a huge advertisement in the middle of a residential area of the town.


1:37 pm CST: Catoosa, Ok. To be completely honest with the readers, this was one of the main reasons I wanted to go on this trip, The Blue Whale of Catoosa. I’m not sure what it is about a big plaster whale in the middle of a pond in Oklahoma that I’m so fascinated with, but hot damn it was sweet to see. I cannot recommend this stop high enough. I give it an 8/7 rating.


5:50 pm CST: Ross Township, Ks. Biggest surprise stop of the trip so far, Big Brutus. This was a place dad wanted to stop but in the end it was well worth driving 30 miles out of the way. I can’t describe how big this machine actually is, the only justice I can give it is reciting a few stats. 16 stories tall, 11 million pounds, and it cost $27,000 a month to operate it in 1974 dollars. To put it in perspective, that’s $113,000 in 2017 dollars. Absolutely unreal how massive this thing is.


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