Dalton Does America: Day 2


June 11th, 2017


9:10 am CST: Mt. Olive, Ill. Soulsby Service station was constructed in the early 1900’s and was a Shell station the entire time. Haven’t seen that type of loyalty since Jesus and the apostles. Well, except for Judas, obviously.


9:15 am CST: Dad starts yelling at the entire car, Mom for driving too fast and Devon for eating sunflower seeds. Could be a long day


9:45 am CST: New Douglas, Ill. Pink Elephant antique store with some OUTRAGEOUSLY high priced antiques. El. Oh. El. No chance anyone buys anything. Ever. (Rare photo of the Potocki Boys together)


10:13 am CST: Dad and Mom bet if Route 66 runs through Kansas. Dad says it doesn’t, Mom says it does. Mom is right and Dad tries to argue his way that it doesn’t count because its only a little bit. Devon and I wont let it pass. Big W for Mom.


10:25 am CST: Collinsville, Ill. Brooks Ketchup plant is now closed. HOWEVA, it has the World’s largest ketchup bottle. If you read my Day 1 blog, you know why we stopped.


10:48 am CST: Just crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri. Just drove across the bridge, not sure what Lewis & Clarke found so difficult about that.


12:00 pm CST: St. Louis, Mo. Sitting by the river, looking at the Arch, and all I can think of is how great of an organization the Cardinals are. RIP Rams. Fun Fact: The Arch is as high as it is wide (630 feet)


2:24 pm CST: Fanning, Mo. World’s second largest rocking chair. Was World’s largest from 08-16. Some bastard in one of the Dakotas probably stole that title.


8:00 pm CST: CRAZYTOWN, Mo. This random gas station wanted $1.29 for an Oatmeal Cream Pie. WTF? Whatever Trump is up to in the White House, but he has to take care of this tragedy. NOW!

Crazy pills

8:24 pm CST: Joplin, Mo. The garage that Bonnie & Clyde got into a shoot out with. Pretty ridiculous that it happened right in the middle of a neighborhood. Closest thing I’ve ever been to a shoot out was the Monday before Mardi Gras, I probably took a billion shots that day.


8:48 pm CST: Missouri/Oklahoma Border. BY GAWD THAT’S JIM ROSS’S MUSIC!


11:31 pm CST: Edmund, Ok. Cant find a hotel off the expressway. Just get so frustrated we drive to the nearest Holiday Inn Express, 5 miles away. Day 2 completed.

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