The Cavs Decided to Listen


I would be too humble if I didn’t take any credit for the Cars blow-out win over the Warriors in Game 4. I told the Cavs that if they didn’t like Curry stunting all over them then they should do something about it, and they certainly did. They turned in a perfect performance and thats what they need to do to beat this Warriors team. Take a look at the box:
Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 11.00.24 AM

In the first half they put up a record 86 points. No one could miss. Then halftime hit and some, me included, thought that there was no way that the Cavs could keep up that shooting pace. They, me included, were wrong. Any time that the Warriors put together a little run to try and get back in it, someone on the Cavs hit a big shot.

You can look at that box score and many things jump off the page. To me, the three point shooting is the most impressive part. The Cavs starters combined for 21 threes. Kevin Love was 6/8! Kyrie was dazzling once more and LeBron casually put up another triple-double. It was a perfect offensive performance.

There in lies the problem. The Cavs played absolutely perfect, yet you couldn’t go to bed early because a Warriors barrage of threes can come at any time. Is it possible for the Cavs to come back from being down 3-0? Well, until someone wins 4 games it is technically possible. But, with 2 out of 3 remaining games being at Golden State and the only way we’ve seen the Cavs win is if they shoot 52% from the floor and the Warriors shoot 28% from three, I find it very unlikely that the Cavs win the next three. Maybe Ty Lou finds a different way to beat the Warriors, but until we see that new strategy, I can’t envision a way that the Warriors lose 4 in a row.

P.S. I have a few complaints: 1) Please start games in Cleveland at 7 pm. Late starts are dumb as hell. 2) The Refs were absolutely embarrassing for the NBA last night. I don’t think they had an impact on the final result of the game but in a potential series deciding game, with outstanding performances all around, the talk of the game will be the refs. What the hell are you doing NBA? The two best teams deserve your best officiating crews.

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