So Bleacher Report reported that the Cavs are upset at Curry’s squat celebration after the KD dagger with 40 seconds left.


Hey Cavs, if you don’t like Steph theoretically shitting on your home floor, FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Wanna know how to silence the critics and keep opposing players from showing you up? Don’t give up an 11-0 run in the final 3 minutes of a must win game. For you guys to just choke away a game and then get all pissy about a player celebrating/taunting doesn’t make any sense. When the Cars were winning its all just fun and games. “What did you think of the new Kendrick?” Questions like that get a big laugh and response out of the self-proclaimed “King”. But now that they are on the verge of getting embarrassed the Cavs are gonna take joking around as personal attack? Grow the fuck up. Celtics players were mad when the Cavs were clowning during their series but now they are down and can’t take the heat. For shame Cleveland, for shame.

P.S.It makes me so happy that the Warriors are gonna sweep, you would have thought I was born in Oakland.

2 thoughts on “Cavs=Trash

    1. Hey Jerry, Cowboys suck. They are a garbage franchise that is destined to mediocrity and will continue to pride them selves as a “premier” franchise even though they haven’t done anything in the last 20 years.
      But thanks for reading!


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