Taylor Decker Injured. Lions Still Cursed.


It was only a matter of time folks, the Lions are back and more Lion-y than ever. In just a few short months after a disappointing end to the 2016-17 season we are hit with some bad news for the upcoming one. In case you haven’t heard, starting LT Taylor Decker underwent surgery today and is going to miss an unknown amount of time. For most teams that means he will probably be back in 4 months or so, but for the Lions, there is almost a 0% chance he plays this upcoming season. Bob Quinn goes out and beefs up the starting O-Line so obviously our starting LT goes and gets hurt in mini-camp. Like, whom do you blame here? Quinn/Caldwell for having such physical mini-camps? No, that’s ridiculous. Stafford? No, but the H8erz will some how. Can someone on the Lions roster step in and fill the role? Of course they COULD, but we are talking about the Lions here. It’s just so upsetting that nothing can ever work. Obviously this injury isn’t as ridiculous as when Eric Andolsek was killed by a run away semi truck the year after the Lions went to the NFC Championship game, but god damn this team is cursed.

Obviously, Decker could make a regular recovery and miss few to no games but considering he dons the Honolulu Blue and Silver, I wouldn’t bet on it. While this is already a blow to this upcoming season, now it just gives me a little more time to design the Lions 2019 Super Bowl Champs shirts.

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