Fire Alarms Are Kinda Worthless

BY: Dalton

Is there anything more widely ignored in this country than fire alarms? I mean, a fire alarm goes off in class and literally everybody ignores it as if it were signaling that everything is fine. It is actually insane. We, humans, invented a device that alerts us from being burned alive in a fiery blaze and we just sit there and turn the other cheek. In fact, we find it an annoyance. The alarm goes off, we just sit there and hope it turns off. After 10 minutes of it going off we don’t even rush to get out of the building, we begrudgingly pack up our shit and walk slowly down the stairs and outside. Hell, some people wait for an elevator. It’s truly astounding.

Now, who is to blame for this lack of urgency? The public school system. They would run drills like 5 times a year and each time we were more lethargic. Now, as a college student, I am completely desensitized to them. Everyone is. So, here is my plea to Betsy DeVos, once you figure out the bear problem that is plaguing our public schools, please please please please get rid of fire drills. Just have the teachers tell the kids to leave the school. I don’t want to die in an inferno because I thought that it was just a drill.

Power Rankings of Ignored Things:

  1. Fire Alarms
  2. Homeless People
  3. Facebook posts advertising blogs that I’ve wrote
  4. Terms and Agreements to anything

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